About the Super Power Agency

The Super Power Agency is a Scottish Charity (SC046550) working with Scotland’s most disadvantaged and under-resourced young people.  Our creative writing workshops, interdisciplinary programmes, and mentoring, make learning fun. They encourage pupils to put pen to paper, build their writing skills and express themselves with confidence.

Founded in 2016, the Super Power Agency follows a tried and tested model first trialled in America, the 826 National, which has since been adopted by more than 50 organisations worldwide.  We are dedicated to showcasing the written works of the young people who take part in our projects and have already published over fifteen books. 

One of our first “The Leither’s Guide to Leith” is now housed in the archives of the National Library of Scotland – quite an accomplishment for its young authors.

Currently partnered with 12 schools, our volunteers share their time and talent to support the work of teachers and youth workers. Our two ultimate goals are:

  1. to create Edinburgh’s first youth writing centre dedicated exclusively to young people aged 8 – 18 years; a safe space where they can write, create and thrive, and
  2. to bring our writing workshops to schools and communities throughout Scotland